Margo Hannah

Styling & Creative Projects Ever met a woman with a style so cold and a heart pure as gold? And her fashion sense just something that will never be sold? Margo Ashley Hannah is that legend the world has yet to witness. Indestructible impersonate force of nature. -Schadre Dent, Owner of The Militia, LLC The […]

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This album is duality of living in Miami & what it brings. I wrote on a angle how I see Miami through my eyes. The reason I chose the title “Sin” Paradise is because it’s a play on how everything Miami is known for “evil” or wrong, but living here is the Norm. I also […]


A series of Intimate Events

The Militia Presents: A series of Intimate Events A Series of intimate events are taking place city to city known as The Militia Pop up shops. We not only promote these pop-up shops for ourselves and building our brands, but for any artist, painters, performers, and business owners in each city we’re currently hosting and/or […]

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