A. F. Vandevorst RTW Spring 2019

Marriage at A.F Vandevorst S/S 2019

Weddings are of course, one of the most important milestones in a lifestyle. With the right person, the right venue, the right dress – definitely the right attire. The duo at A.F Vandevorst have always been a little more unconventional with their brand, having been independent for 20 years with a legion of dedicated fans following their every move with their own train of thought. They could do no more, do no less, and could do no wrong with this collection.

For S/S 2019, it was a collaborative effect to reflect their years of success in in both their business and life endeavours – partners in love and life. With the theme of the collection focusing on the formalities of wedding dresses and the history that comes with it. “The heritage of wedding dresses…. the way mothers pass them down to their daughters and so on,” one half of the duo, An, stated backstage.

Leading up to the season, the pair collected a handful of vintage gowns to disassemble, and re-assemble back into tops, bottoms, outerwear and even footwear (the thigh highs!) A bold focus with an overzealous amount of embellishment and luxe, this is couture in RTW. With the dresses within the collection being made from the acquired gowns, the duo noted that these pieces would be one-off – very rare for a commercial season. 

A.F Vandevorst have stayed true to their style and ethics endlessly, doing no more this time than sticking with safe colours, but utilising them in the most stunning way. With body hugging silhouettes, as well as oversized and shapeless forms, the Vandevorst individual is as always: one that appreciates avant garde, sharp tailoring, a little slither of skin, still hidden with a bit of lingerie. It was simply sublime that Vandevorst do what they do, by understanding what their people want, and injecting their own DNA into their pieces. A bit of lace, a touch of satin, day wear, evening wear, street wear, weddings – there was definitely something for everyone. 

Additional to the wedding themes, adorned accessories of giant lilies and lace veils establish an artistic touch – even down to the models who clouded their faces with white powder, there was a sensation, perhaps of purity and innocence. 

There were several stand out looks, of course with many being the wedding dresses, many with lace and silk, which is usually uncommon for the brand’s style but shows incredible and bridal runway-tier craftsmanship. Other looks included satin-joint trousers and hoodies in white, oversized hoodies with harness belts, lace trimmings coming out of maxi dresses and well cut blazers that accentuated presence while almost swallowing the models. There was also a fantastic use of print in what seemed to be an over-arching one piece with an accommodating bag.

But, in true style, one shouldn’t forgo a particular dress shirt, printed with A.F Vandevorst’s icon cross symbol, and a very anti-romance ‘Always to have, hold, for better, or for worse, richer, poorer, in sickness, health, FOREVER.’

There was something in the air at the venue, an industrialised room, static white and simple to boot – it was definitely the collection. Forever, forever, so romantic: A.F Vandevorst. 

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