7 Styling pieces to freshen up your Autumn Winter Fits

We go again,

For all of our pros out there here are some looks we’ve been biding on and these are some cooling styling options for you during this winter. Ether break this one out from the back of your wardrobe, dry clean that bad boy and call it vintage or. Re up do a nice likkle haul now we’re here with a new wardrobe.


Yes the Gilet is back. Yes the gilet is. Bad and yes we are out here killing it in all colours. Prep up your wardrobe with the finest Gilet in every colour in the rainbow cos this next six months it’s gonna feel all so good rocking it. Don’t matter the weather a gilet is a great layering option or a killer dress down relieve some pressure item. What’s a jacket with no sleeves? Please you already know this is something that can really be a key piece especially with all the colours you want give yourself some real time to assess your wardrobe to see the colours and styles you can rock right away.

Strap bag

Okay okay I know what some will say. Low hanging fruit but let me tell you getting that strap bag; fanny pack; chest rig accessory will be fly not only are they convenient but they can be made in whatever style you want from about £15 if your skimping and styling or £50& P+P if you are about that custom life looking like a sheriff. Yes on a custom level you got to be able to rock it but on a real level you need to know this is a must have


If you can find the strength to wear a beret then you won’t regret it they can be pieced with leather, wool knit, and fur. Get it together and put it together because you are ready to be the most styling person in your group.

Borg jacket

How niche and Chique you gotta be to wear this? Not very. It’s very statement and all it takes is confident. When you got a Borg it speaks for itself you don’t need to say much. You can wear all black if you feel like it because they bring their own energy to any fit you decide to wear.

Leather gloves

After my last two picks you might think I’m quite out there with my dress you can really find me fine or fly I can finesse it all. Why do I say leather gloves though? Firstly you want some thin leather possibly sheep or goat hide. Secondly I can get quite business like walking to meetings my hands don’t be in my pockets they’re really out here carrying my portfolio about the city leather gloves have your hands out smooth and protected from the forces. Quite simple and essential to the wardrobe. If you don’t do leather for whatever reason just try to find some great thin unlined faux leather gloves and you’ll be jiggy

Leather Jacket

If you’re anything like me leather jackets since I got into fashion and styling leather Jackets have always been a part of my wardrobe it’s simple to style easy to wear comes with great pockets and cuts. Not much to having one. In all seasons but when I wear one I make sure it’s the thing I’m wearing, Meaning there are no other big colours or shapes going on underneath. Sometimes fashion is pain and being a little cold while wearing your leather jacket is totally worth it


this is very new and very in right now don’t know how long it will stay but I’m prepared to have one because they’re easy to keep. Easy to clean and really bold to wear. This really says something about you rather than speak for your outfit. A PVC anything tells people you’ve decided to be brave today. That’s okay. Just make sure you got the confidence to back it up make sure you walk with that BDE (Big Designer Energy). Doesn’t matter where the jacket comes from it’s PVC, let everyone know you’re in. Look down on those who aren’t.

Jokes aside these are all very cool styles that can put a brother or a sister ahead of the class. Quality clothes always make the person, without thinking about it you activate the subconscious of the people you are around. I don’t exactly know how to explain it but it’s just a good feeling, really dress how you want have fun don’t be snooty and find your tribe.

Great clothes are conversation starters and qualifiers you can meet some great new people wearing someone’s designer and treating the quality right.

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