Fashion life after pandemic times

The question is: how fashion world gonna deal with the planet we are living in now?

Covid-19 has taken the world by surprise in recent months, but some places have managed to reduce the contamination and death curve with the right care. But we still do not have much perspective on understanding the virus or an appropriate vaccine, which still leaves us vulnerable to a second wave.

We constantly hear about how life will have a ‘new normal’ – a behavior that focuses on priority situations and actions for living, dispensing with what does not involve global needs.

This will certainly be a standard in our society until a vaccine appears. But how has this been reflected in fashion? What do we hope that fashion will be from what we live in now?

The fashion weeks were canceled, the balls were canceled, the summer fashion shows were canceled, the productions were stopped, a lot of money was not won, many lives are also on hold. The reinvention of fashion is not only necessary, it is fundamental for the return and for that, many brands have allied themselves with technology, reflecting once again the behavior of society itself.

Russia took the lead and did the first digital fashion week in April, with 830 thousand streams and a digital influencer totally virtual. The partnership with Mercebes Benz Russia and an e-commerce company allowed designers to show their lines as well as purchase products on the platform – and despite the sobriety in the cuts of clothes, the bold colors were there to remind us that despite dark times, soon we will see the sun. Monte Carlo Fashion Week did the same with webinars and talks hold on their instagram and and giving space to sustainable brands to talk about how the pandemic will change the means of fashion production. London Fashion Week followed the example of the first two and also made its fashion shows available online, with conversations about the environmental challenge the planet faces, podcasts, webinars and videos, making the content available for up to 12 months on its website.

So, what to expect now from fashion?

Fashion is always looking for inspiration around the world. High fashion is a market that moves billions every year and inspires everything that comes after it with its luxurious models and refined cuts, ideas. The big questions that remain are how the market will deal with this new look that people are giving to what is used and how to survive in the face of such a huge and unexpected crisis. Fashion is a reflection of society and many issues are being debated right now, so we hope that these issues – which are inclusive of fashion – will be seen with a new look, that they are a new type of normal: racial issues, issues of social equity, environmental issues.

Technology is a strong ally at this time. With one click you can buy anything you want. It is very difficult to predict when we will be able to see and touch what we want to buy, but we hope that with the help of technology, the consumption desires of the screen will come true. What fashion future holds for us?

Russian Fashion Week Poster (source: Arts Thread)

See you all next time! Stay home, people.

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