Models Of the Moment: Vittoria Ceretti

If you are a person that’s always engrossed in what goes on in the fashion world, then you have definitely stumbled upon the 19 year old Italian model Vittoria Ceretti. If you are not that type of person, i believe you’ve once opened any of the numerous vogue magazines at least once in the past year or you have been to a mall. if you’ve done one of the two then i believe you have seen the face of this up and coming model. Born in Brescia, Italy on june 7 1998, Vittoria Ceretti entered the elite model look competition at 14 years of age where she was chosen as a finalist. I first noticed her when she was on the cover of vogue italia july 2016 issue shot by the genius photographer Steven Meisel.


Clad in a blonde wig á la Marilyn Monroe, Ceretti captivated fashion nerds. Perhaps what propelled her to a wider audience are her beauty contracts with Italian brands Giorgio Armani and dolce and Gabbana.


As a model now, if you’re not affiliated with the Hadids, jenners or a popular boyfriend, it’s hard to become a household name, gone are the days when people make it based on talent only. Despite this unfortunate setback, Vittoria hasn’t let that draw her back as she snagged up the most campaigns by any model for the spring/summer seasons, appearing on campaigns for Alexander Mcqueen, Fendi, Lanvin, Alberta Ferretti, Botega Venetta, Ralph Lauren, Zara and Givenchy. She starred in the 2017 Chanel pre fall campaign alongside friend Natalie Westling and the Versace Fall/winter Campaign alongside Gigi Hadid, Mica Arganaraz and Taylor Hill.

She has walked runways for every top designer imaginable and she was a runway favorite this previous couture week. Closing the shows at Fendi and Ulyena Sergenko.729689-800w

Where Ceretti could improve is her runway walk even though she’s not bad, i would love to see her strutting the runways with the same confidence showcased by models such as Imaan Hammam, Karlie Kloss and Natasha Poly. Some have complained a bit about her expression in some editorials which they said are all the same. However, everytime she works with Meisel, he brings out the best in her as he does with every model. I’m still counting on him to shoot Kendall Jenner and prove to us she has different expressions other than bored teenager suffering an early life crisis. Check out her work with Meisel and tell me you are not mesmerized.

And here is my favorite picture of hers, this picture has been my wallpaper ever since i first saw it. i usually change wallpapers as frequently as i change crushes but i can’t bring myself to remove her from my phone screen. She looks like a mythical creature sent to earth to save us.


As if campaigns weren’t enough, Vitto (her nickname) has numerous magazine covers to her name. She only needs a British Vogue cover to complete the big four ( Vogue USA, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and British Vogue).


I wish Vittoria longevity in the industry and i hope she becomes one of the modeling icons of my generation. We all know how the fashion industry is obsessed with fresh faces and they can immediately shove you aside for someone younger and prettier. The likes of Barbara Palvin have come and went. Even though they’re still around, they don’t dominate like they used to. High fashion Campaign offers have also dried up for our beloved Kendull Jenner as she has been replaced by Gigi and Bella as the new it Girls. I do hope I will see Vitto still slaying in many years to come. Amen.


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