New decade, new trendy: some of my favourites here.

Apparently we are in a new decade and it may hit you to change your closet, your hair and give it a fresh look. Fashion is constantly renewing and we have seen several trendys come back and go out of fashion over these 10 years – some great, some that didn’t need to come alive again. To start this new moment off on the right foot, I listed some of my favorite trends in spring / summer 2020 and give that bold kick that we sometimes need.

Chunky boots with dresses

The 90s are still very strong as a trend in 2020 and the chunky boots + dress combo is a remnant of grunge time. It is also a very girlie combination, especially if used with small prints and a long dress. Perfect for going from the bar to a tidier party, it’s the kind of democratic and comfortable trend that only improves.

Bucket Bag

One fine day, Louis Vuitton developed a bag for storing champagne fresh. Thus was born the bucket bag, one of the most stylish and useful bags in the world. Extremely plural in its combinations, it gives the relaxed tone to very tidy looks and the sober tone in more sporty looks, which wish to maintain an even stripped elegance. It is a safe bet to make.

Half moon print

I don’t particularly like prints, but I like almost everything related to the moon. This half moon print is already a growing trend and used repeatedly by it girls and celebrities in general. Discreet and coming in different clothing styles, it is the type of piece that breaks the seriousness of a one color look and reminds us of the good times of Sailor Moon.

Oversized Victorian sleeves

Okay, this one came straight from the 80s (or 18th century?). Oversized Victorian sleeves have returned and are more popular, although many people find it strange to use them. Whether in a goth way or in a romantic way that reminds us of a movie from 3 centuries ago, the sleeves go well with pastel colors, dresses and cropped blouses.

If you liked my opinions or if you want to tell me what you like more, talk to me! See ya and happy new year!

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