The Snake Skin Trend of 2018

Animal prints never go out of style, lets be honest, they’re an essential element in a piece’s quality and appeal to stylish women, they reflect a person’s expensive and fine taste in fashion. From the zebra stripes combo in Tokyo, to the coloured leopard prints in Milan, the snake skin leather and prints were able to standout in almost every main show this season and the upcoming spring 2018 season. How can you rock the trend? Here is some inspiration fresh off the runway.

Elie Saab

Elie Saab debuts a collection of dresses of jungly vibes including snake skin printed long and short dresses, the models rocks the beautiful ensemble with snake leather sandals, sacks and eyewear


Python Appliqué on coats and skirts from BelStaff with a mix of other materials like linen, leather and suede

Salvatore Ferragamo

python leather dominated the runway at Salvatore Ferragamo the shoe house. Including coats clutches, belts , and other accessories.

Bottega Veneta

Python printed leather skirts at Bottega Veneta



TopShop Unique

Photos courtesy of Indigital.tv

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