What Emma Chamberlain is Wearing This Summer

Notoriously known for influencing fashion trends, Emma Chamberlain has recently been asked for direction on what to wear this summer. After constant demand, she made a video on April 18th with a look book for some summer-inspired outfits. You can watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvTBnyXsmjU

Emma has often faced criticism as although having a lot of acclaim in the fashion community, people often describe her taste as basic and boring. Because of this, I feel many people will brush off this video, but I do think there were some valuable mentions that I would like to highlight. 

The Basics

For her first outfit, she shows a simple white tank top and Levis denim shorts. She shares how “The reason this is my go-to is because the opportunities are endless.” She shows how it can be paired with a variety of different shoes like her beloved Birkenstock, sneakers, and loafers, as well as paired with an additional open button-up, or sweater with an opportunity to accessorize with different hats and sunglasses. Due to the neutrality of the basics of the outfit, you really can pair it with anything. She notes this is sometimes a boring choice, but her next outfits begin to include more originality.

Cute Bottoms

The next highlight is Emma’s new obsession with beach pants! Being on brand, she often is attracted to items that some may even consider to be “ugly”. She understands they may not be the most fashionable, but she applauds their versatility and comfort. These pants add a flowy and laid back look that’s great for the beach, and can be paired with a bathing suit underneath.

An additional mention is her choice of long skirts in multiple outfits. She shares how “I just don’t like how short skirts feel. I constantly feel like I’m gonna flash someone if I move my legs. I feel safe, secure, and comfortable in these longer skirts”. This is another amazing idea for summer, especially for the evening, as it adds a more elegant twist to your look while leaving room for your legs to breathe with their light, flowy, comfortable feel. 

The Golf Dad Look

Finally, it’s impossible to discuss this video without mentioning Emma’s love for the preppy or as she described it “golf dad” style. With this similar look popping up consistently, she rants about it. “Literally I’m dressed like a golf dad. A dad who plays golf, who loves cheese and wine like that is my aesthetic.” Although often a more autumn choice, Emma puts a summer twist to it with combinations of sole cropped knitted vests, sometimes with white collared shirts underneath and khaki shorts topped with loafers. With the academia look being often tons of layers meant for the cold, this is an amazing way to achieve the look while not sweating profusely.

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